Relevant papers and performances

Live Coding the Global Hyperorgan:
The Paragraph environment in the indeterminate place

MATTIAS PETERSSON presents several scenarios in which a live coding environment called Paragraph was utilised to telematically play networked and geographically distributed hyperorgans. Situated within the framework of the Global Hyperorgan project, the TCP/Indeterminate Place Quartet have explored the affordances of the organ network through the concept of Tele-Copresence. 

By outsourcing certain dimensions of the parameter space of the Paragraph language to other members of the quartet, a shared instrumentality is enabled, where the organs are collaboratively controlled by means of this system. 

Rooted in a personal composer-performer practice and studied from the perspective of the live coder, the Paragraph system, adapted to the TCP/Indeterminate Place environment, can be understood as a modular system of human and non-human agents, into which the other musicians are patched. 

The distributed parameter space utilised, thus resembles a shared cantus firmus, a foundational, but dynamically changing, ecology for the live coder to play within.

The TCP/Indeterminate Place Quartet performing as part of the NIME 2021 conference, controlling the Skandia Cinema Organ in R1 (pictured), Stockholm, and the Utopa Baroque Organ in Orgelpark, Amsterdam, 16 June 2021.