Ideas and material for test performance – August 2024


A man with a hooded cloak. Faces and fragments on different screens in the dark surroundings.

The man removes the hood, the faces around disappears and the surroundings rare slowly and partly lit. 

The man sits writing in a bar, at times flicking through images on his phone. Establishing a relationship between what the main character in the scene looks at / thinks about and what is projected on screens in the background.

Reunion and joy with the family. Z meets M.

The bar is stormed by soldiers at the end of this scene.

2. Terror

A gathering of residents drinks and talks about a cruel man, a monster, who terrorizes their area. They tell horror stories. 1000 years have turned him into a monster. Z is at the bar listening in disgust to the conversation.

3. Disgust

Cairo, 1200-1500, in a cave. Creatures (dancers), Monsters (choir), Z, Mariawolf, monster bride)

Z retreats into solitude. Hate himself. Fighting against their inner demons.

Mariaulv (Mary the Wolf)  comes and helps him out of his frustration, and out of the cave.

4. Laughter

Hippie Gathering in the Woods 1970s. The atmosphere of the scene, carefree/naïve/euphoric

5. Mercy

Berlin, 1989 just before the fall of the Wall. People are still trying to flee illegally across the border. Z helps people escape. At the end of the scene, the boundaries, freedom, happiness are opened at the end of the scene.

6. Surprise

2010 during the Arab Spring. Z decides to return to Egypt. We meet a family involved in the revolution. His father  is heavily involved.

7. Peace

Z's father talks about how he is "at peace" with the reality that he may have to die to fight for his cause. 

Z is distraught because his father has died. He feels the pain tearing, he runs frantically to the graveyard. Fear, grief and despair turn into anger.

8. Anger

Cairo- cemetery, 2010. Death (played by Agathodam) comes and will pick up Z. He is angry at Death because he has taken everyone he has loved..

9. Courage (+Peace)

A "stream" of people runs across the stage. First, his playful friends. Then the citizens he terrorized. The monster bride. Later the hippies, the Berliners he helped over. The Egyptian family.  

Finally, Z finds courage, perhaps Mary is there and grabs his hand. Or death?

He finds courage. (over in the dark)